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Grandma's Healing Touch
Paper storage


data driven decision making

We help our clients curate, manipulate, clean, and visualize data for critical decision making. Our data science expertise come handy to convert that idea on paper and those written in flat tables to appealing charts and visuals. Why not join our fast growing client base? Get in touch today to learn more.


Technology driven care system

mobile ANC

Our team has over two decades combined digital decision support and data collection systems design and deployment. Deploying integrated web supported mobile job aids and data collection tools with technologies.


True Empowerment

We are paving the way for strategic application of technology to improve systems around Africa. We help organizations and governments implement strategies for targeted application of technology in health care. This has been shown to have the potential to dramatically disrupt the status quo. We set out to change the industry as we know it. Would you like to find out more? 

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